Kraft Medical C-Arm Repair Services


The need for repairs on your medical imaging equipment is inevitable. All brands and manufacturers require replacement parts and routine maintenance to ensure that your c-arm remains in operating condition. At Kraft Medical, we understand the burden that malfunctioning c-arm equipment can place on your medical practice.

With over 30 years of experience in providing medical imaging solutions to surgical centers, physician offices, clinics and clinical research laboratories-- it is our goal to provide the highest quality equipment and services to our customers. Kraft Medical's staff includes AART(American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) certified technicians who are knowledgeable and able to pin-point the issues you face.

Frequently Repaired Parts on a C-Arm Machine

There are numerous brands and sizes of c-arm equipment. At Kraft Medical, we offer various GE, OEC, Philips, Siemens, and Ziehm systems. Most c-arm machines require the same technology to operate. We will look a few of the most common c-arm parts that require repair or replacement over time.

X-Ray Tube

The x-ray tube is where x-ray scans are generated on the c-arm machine. There are several causes for this event including excessive anode temperature during prolonged periods of time. If temperatures are excessive for too long, the bulb will begin to glow. High-temperatures effect the filament in a negative manner, causing tungsten atoms to slowly vaporize. Tungsten vaporized disturbs the electrical balance of the x-ray tube, changing the tube current.

Image Intensifier/CCD Camera

These two components have the biggest impact on the image quality of your c-arm. The image intensifier is the most expensive part to have replaced on your c-arm and unfortunately, it will degrade over time. A common problem with the CCD camera involves the camera sticking between gears. This causes poor image quality and orientation--requiring the operator to try several times to find the right image. Re-greasing the gears is one solution. This issue only becomes worse, we recommend contacting a service repair technician.

High Voltage Cables

Countless power cables are encased in a c-arm to ensure each part operates the way you want. However, sometimes these cords will come loose from frequent movements. C-arm machines are very mechanical and require non-stop position changes.

CPU Board

The Central Processing Unit is the brain of your c-arm--if it fails nothing else will work. Numerous things can occur with the CPU board, which is why it's common for repair techs to be called to examine the machine. If a CPU board is not operating efficiently it could be because voltage cables are bad/loose, limiting power to the motherboard. The ventilation fan may be shorted, causing the board to overheat, as well.

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